The following selected media reports are from 2002-2010. Links may expire.

Newspaper and media articles

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Interview: Michael Cordron (Guardian, 30 March 2010)
Obituary: Barbara Bray (Guardian, 3 March 2010)
Review: Must You Go? by Antonia Fraser (Guardian, 16 January 2010)
The poetic gaze: Tony Harrison’s Pinter prize speech (Guardian, 24 October 2009)
First PEN Pinter prize awarded to Tony Harrison (PEN, October 2009)
Pinter literary prize is Launched (BBC, 18 July 2009)
‘How Pinter stood up for my father, victim of army junta’ (Islington Tribune, 9 January 2009)
Harold Pinter faces opposition to memorial in Poets’ Corner (Telegraph, 3 January 2009)
Faber rushes out Billington Pinter ebook (, 7 January 2009)
Josepth Losey Box set (Guardian, 25 October 2008)
Greatest Writers find their voice (BBC 22 October 2008)
Pinter sells archive to British Library (BBC 11 January 2008)
(Sleuth) (Observer, 25 November 2007)
Review (Sleuth) (Times Online, 22 November 2007)

The Day I pushed Pinter about (Guardian, 22 November 2007)
Interview with Harold Pinter on Sleuth: (Time Out, 19 November 2007)
Review (Sleuth): (‘Still Pinteresque’) (New York Times, 7 October 2007)
Interview: Harold Pinter to Louise Jury (‘Not a Word out of Place’) (Independent, 3 March 2007) 
Charlie Rose to welcome Harold Pinter
(Playbill, 1 March 2007)
We are catching up with this man’s creative talent at last (Guardian, 1 March 2007)
Pinter to play Max in The Homecoming on BBC Radio 3 (Guardian, 22 February 2007)
Cut the pauses… says Pinter (Sunday Times, 11 February 2007)
Pinter joins prominent Jews in call for debate in Israel (Guardian, 5 February 2007)
Review: Bill Bailey’s Pinter’s People (Observer, 4 February 2007)
Review: Bill Bailey’s Pinter’s People (Guardian, 2 February 2007)
Bill Bailey talks about Pinter’s People (Guardian, 26 January 2007)
Pinter, You’ve got to have fun with it – Lee Evans on The Dumb Waiter (Guardian, 22 January 2007)
The French PM awards Pinter with the Legion d’Honneur (BBC, 18 January 2007)
Pinter receives top French honour (Guardian, 18 January 2007)
Harold Pinter: King of Comedy (Guardian, 14 January 2007)
Antonia Fraser interview on BBC Front Row podcast (BBC, 25 August 2006)
Letters: Gaza crisis threatens to become a calamity (Guardian, 10 July 2006)
Harold Pinter talks to Kirsty Walk on BBC’s Newnight and reads his latest sketch ‘Apart from That’ (BBC, 23 June 2006)
Harold Pinter: Theatre’s Angry Old Man (CNN, 17 March 2006)
‘I’ve written 29 damn plays. Isn’t that enough? (Guardian, 14 March 2006)
Pinter in Turin (The Stage, 11 March 2006)
Harold Pinter taken to Hospital (BBC, 6 December 2005)
Pinter drops out of Nobel Lecture (BBC, 30 November 2005)
Interview with Simon Gray (Guardian, 29 October 2005)
Writers issue scrap Trident call (BBC, 28 October 2005)
Say no to Trident (Guardian, 28 October 2005)
Vaclav Havel accepts the Franz Kafka Award in Prague on behalf of Harold Pinter
Pinter in Conversation at the Royal Court Theatre, (28 October 2005)
Pause for Thought (Observer, 23 October 2005)
Pinter to star as Beckett’s Krapp as part of Royal Court 50th anniversary (BBC 11 October 2005)
Various Voices published in new edition
Death, etc. to be published

Voices premieres on BBC Radio 3 (10 October 2005)
Stars turn out to mark Pinter’s 75th birthday (Observer, 9 October 2005)
Pinter at 75: Chuffed to his bollocks (Billington, Guardian, 8 October 2005)
Interview with Harold Pinter (Independent, 7 October 2005)
Harold Pinter Festival in Dublin
Cate Blanchett to Direct ‘A Kind of Alaska’ (Guardian, 14 September 2005)
Obituary: Disley Jones (Guardian, 23 June 2005)
373 Chiswick High Road for sale (Caretaker)
(Observer 19 June 2005)
London Arts Theatre under threat (Observer 19 May 2005)
Pinter bows out as playwright (Guardian 1 March 2005)
Harold Pinter states he is no longer to write plays (BBC 28 February 2005)
Harold Pinter on the death of Arthur Miller (BBC 11 February 2005)
How do you feel about the win for President Bush? (Guardian 4 November 2004)
Poets at war over Pinter and politics (Guardian 2 November 2004)
Pinter’s poetry? Anyone can do it (Guardian 30 October 2004)
Pinter awarded Wilfred Owen prize for poetry opposing Iraq conflict (Guardian 4 August 2004)
Obituary: Peter Woodthorpe (Guardian 26 August 2004)
Pinter blasts ‘Nazi America’ and ‘deluded idiot’ Blair (Guardian 11 June 2003)
Pinter discusses The Caretaker as his ‘defining moment’ (BBC 19 July 2003)
‘The American administration is a bloodthirsty wild animal’ (Telegraph, 11 December 2002)
Pinter given royal honour (BBC 7 November 2002)