MLA 2017

The 2017 Modern Language Association in Philadelphia, PA will host the following:

Blurring Boundaries: Beckett and Pinter Thursday, January 5, 2017, 12:00 noon–1:15 p.m., 106A, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Program arranged by the Harold Pinter Society
Presiding: Ann C. Hall, Ohio Dominican Univ.

  1. “Blurring Boundaries: Violations and Double Vision in Pinter’s Old Times and Beckett’s Not I,” Michelle Chiang, Univ. of Pennsylvania
  2. “What Beckett Lived, What Pinter Wrote: Memories of Convoy 15 to Silesia in Ashes to Ashes,” Sam Foster, Harvard Univ.
  3. “Trauma and the Disembodied Voice in Samuel Beckett’s Krapp’s Last Tape and Harold Pinter’s Ashes to Ashes,” Matthew Roberts, Univ. of California, Irvine
  4. “Outflow: Beyond Bodies and Boundaries in the Theater of Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter,” Craig N. Owens, Drake Univ.

Another session that might be of interest is a Roundtable Discussion: “Drama Drama: The Future and Demise of Drama Studies in the Academy,” Friday, 6 January, 1:45–3:00 p.m., 110B, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Presiding: Ann C. Hall, University of Louisville
Speakers: R. Darren Gobert, York Univ., Keele; Ellen MacKay, Indiana Univ., Bloomington; Craig N. Owens, Drake Univ.; Stephen Watt, Indiana Univ., Bloomington; Tamsen Olivia Wolff, Princeton Univ.; Harvey Young, Northwestern Univ.

Drama has always violated the historical and generic boundaries of the profession. This session addresses this “differance” as well as the diminished state of drama studies in the academy, the sometimes adversarial relationship between theater professionals and drama scholars, the challenges of publication and employment, the effects of digital humanities, and the future of drama studies.

MMLA 2016

International Harold Pinter Society will present panels at the 2016 Midwest Modern Language Association in St. Louis, MO. 

MLA 2012

The Pinter Society will host two sessions at the 2012 MLA convention (Seattle, 5-8 January)

44. Pinter’s Voice

Thursday, 5 January, 1:45–3:00 p.m., 303, WSCC

Program arranged by the Harold Pinter Society

Presiding: Judith A. Roof, Rice Univ.

1. “Ruth: Harold Pinter’s Voice of Postmodernist Politics,” Saumya Rajan, Univ. of Allahabad

2. “What Dyou Mean? The Cockney Voice in Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter,” William Crooke, East Tennessee State Univ.

3. “Pinter’s Voices,” Susan Hollis Merritt, Pinter Review

567. Pinter in Seattle: A Creative Conversation with Frank Corrado and Harry Burton

Saturday, 7 January, 3:30–4:45 p.m., 608, WSCC (This session is open to the public)

Program arranged by the Harold Pinter Society

Presiding: Susan Hollis Merritt, The Pinter Review

Speakers: Harry Burton, Guildford School of Acting; Frank Corrado, ACT: A Contemporary Theatre

Session Description:

Frank Corrado is an actor and the founding curator of Pinter Fortnightly, a series of readings of plays by the Nobel laureate Harold Pinter produced atSeattle’s ACT: A Contemporary Theatre. Harry Burton is a London-based actor and director and was Pinter’s longtime associate and friend, chosen by Pinter to edit his letters. They will explore and illustrate the challenges of performing Pinter’s plays on stage, referring to actors’ workshops documented in Burton’s film Working with Pinter.